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We are part of a global business group whose goal is to offer the newest care and nutritional products for the equine industry available today. We have some of the brightest scientists working along with us, developing products based on new and modified science that can improve the health and performance of today’s equine athlete.

Everything is based on nature’s own products, clean, natural and free of damaging, banned substances. All products have been tested extensively and will only be offered to the equine world based on a 100% satisfactory result.


Kompeet is a natural product that “crosses over” in its ability to help the horse physically unlike any other nutritional products for horses on the market today, no other company has a product that can be compared.


Omega-3 supplied by Nutreet is essential for the health of horses. Animals can’t make omega-3 in their bodies, so like minerals and protein, they have to get it from food.


A new generation of hoof conditioner. It’s made of an organic fluid with origins in plant oil, which have been processed extensively to give the product specific characteristics that address the problems experienced with Horses Hooves.


Supplied in a spray form for easy application and no cross contamination has proved extremely effective in the treatment of cracked heals, sand rash, ringworm, minor cuts and abrasions, and mud fever; even in extreme cases.


All natural joint relief, that works. A powerful product for optimum mobility and recovery in horses’  joints.

Kompeet “A Revolutionary New Way To Feed Your Horse”

Kompeet is a world first in the scene of natural energy giving products for horses

Kompeet consists of a carefully chosen mix of plant oils, with the specific use as a feed supplement for horses in mind.

This blend of unique plant oils has been through a very complicated process to make them water dissolvable, and thereby making it possible for the horse to digest the product immediately and transport the energy directly into the muscular systems, reducing the buildup of lactic acid.

The horse will feel significantly more willing to perform, and stamina levels will be increased.

  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Provides extra energy for competition horses
  • Gain in power and stamina, can be felt almost immediately
  • Non-heating
  • Unprecedented rapid build up of muscle mass, visible results normally within 7-14 days
  • Monoglycerides are processed on unique fatty acids
  • Exceptionally high nutritional value, even for the most sensitive horses
  • Laboratory controlled
  • Does not contravene current FEI doping regulations
  • Kompeet is odorless – tasteless – in powder form – and therefore highly palatable to the horse
  • Excellent for horses prone to tying-up
  • Documented GMO free
  • Kompeet monoglycerid ensures an effective emulsification in the horse’s intestines, and will also increase the nutritional value of other feed and products fed to the horse
  • Kompeet is concentrated easily absorbable energy
  • Remarkable results

Find Out What Users are Saying About our Innovative Products

Kompeet is a genuine sensation

Stein Endresen

Olympic Rider

sustained energy he needs to be competitive

G Wren-Russ

FEI Young Rider

overall appearance have been transformed

Lorraine Heersr

the physical results from using Kompeet speaks for itself

C King

Skara Glen Stables

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